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Diamond Platnumz’ stepfather Rally Jones has been called out by the singer’s mother for cheating on her.

Rally Jones impregnated a young woman – side chick identified as Sharifa, who is reported to have given birth recently.

Sanura Kassim - ‘Endelea kuzaa!’ Diamond Platnumz’ mother blasts cheating lover
Diamond Platnumz’ mother with her new man Rally Jones

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In an audio making rounds online, Diamond’s mother Sandra Kassim is heard blasting her young bae in a phone call interview with a Tanzanian journalist.

The controversial Sandra, in the audio, says she still loves her younger lover and reveals that they’re legally married.

Sandra indicated that she’s not concerned by the child Jones sired outside wedlock, saying should he want to have more kids, he can go on and do so.

rally jones - ‘Endelea kuzaa!’ Diamond Platnumz’ mother blasts cheating lover

Below is the conversation.

Interviewer: Ulisikia habari za mwanamke aliyezaa naye? [Have you heard news about a woman who gave birth to your lover’s child?]

Sandra: Simjui aliyezaa hata kama kazaa sio mke, mimi ni mke najulikana kote. Kama anataka azae tu, hakatazwi mtu kuzaa halafu mimi sio tasa, watoto ninao na tena wanajulikana dunia nzima. Wanalinufaisha jiji, sasa mimi mtoto wake atanishughulisha nini? Ndio kwanza mchanga kama kazaliwa. Hanibabaishi chochote hata kama ni mwanamke ako naye hanibabaishi. Hana mbele wala nyuma mimi sio muuza uchi. Mimi nakaa kwangu na nina familia na ninajiheshimu na nina kila kitu. Kama alichepuka akaenda kuzaa azae tu.

[This comes barely three months after rumour went virtal that the 52-year-old grandmother was pregnant. I don’t know the woman but even if she has given birth, she isn’t his wife or main chic. I’m a legally married wife. If he [Rally Jones] wants to sire kids outside wedlock he can go ahead and do it. No one has restricted him plus I’m not barren. I already have children, who are famous and are contributing to the country’s economy. So why would I be concerned with the kid he sired with another woman? That doesn’t bother me and I care less. I live in my own home and have a family and respect myself and got everything I want in life. If he decided to sire a child out of wedlock let him continue siring more.]

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Rally Jones

Interviewer: Na mahaba yenu moto moto? [Is your love life okay?]

Sandra: Kama yote. [Very okay].

Interviewer: Safi sana safi sana… BI Sandra… [Good Bi Sandra]

Sandra: Ndio mimi mke hali wa ndoa akitokea mwingine feki. [I’m the real wife, if anyone else comes in his life, theyuy are fake.]

Interviewer: Kumbe mlishafunga ndoa mama? [So you got married legally?]

Sandra: Kama unapajua kwangu uje nikuonyeshe cheti cha ndoa. [If you know my home come I’ll show you the certificate].

Interviewer: Asante mama nakupenda. [Okay mum, I love you]

Sandra: Umemaliza au unalingine unataka nikupe? [Are you done or have more questions?]

Interviewer: Nimemaliza mama, asante. [No, I’m done. Thank you].

Sandra: Haya wajue wanangu masupasta wanalitikisa jiji. [They should know my children are superstars who run this town].

Simbba with his mum - ‘Endelea kuzaa!’ Diamond Platnumz’ mother blasts cheating lover
Diamond with his mum

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This comes barely three months after rumour went viral that the 52-year-old grandmother was pregnant. Jones is yet to speak out on impregnating his side chic.

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