Kenyan YouTuber Lisa Gaitho has turned into a preacher after dumping Nigerian man.

For those who don’t know her, she made headlines in July last year after she advised women to wash their men, feed and treat them like babies in order to keep them.

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Lisa Gaitho

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Lisa revealed that she dumped her West African bae so she could focus on her relationship with Jesus Christ and celibacy.

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Her decision seems to have been the best and after months of silence, she has surfaced with a testimony.

In a lengthy post she shared on her Instagram, Lisa Gaitho said she has strengthened her relationship with God and her life has never been the same again after turning to Christ.

When God consumed me, He showed me one by one the things He’s working on in me, and vanity was among the top of the list. I enjoyed the admiration. I’d look at my pictures for ages trying to choose the best one. So while my vanity was being handled I was literally unable to take pictures of myself because He showed me they mean nothing. Outward appearance LITERALLY MEANS NOTHING. How did I ever let myself get so caught up?! Why do we care so much about nonsense and pay little to no attention to what really matters?lol social media has been so effective in ruining people’s worth and priorities. But not me. Not any more. I can now post without thinking twice about it. I can go without posting for months and actually wouldn’t mind if God told me to get off Social Media. It doesn’t have any hold on me. The enemy doesn’t have control of me and his toys don’t fascinate me any more. My eyes have been opened and I see things as they are

She continued,

GOD IS MY EVERYTHING not just thought or talk, my lifestyle proves it. The Holy Spirit is my witness and life has never been so beautiful! Self reflection has become my strong suit. Anything in me that does not serve/reflect my Father got evicted or is on strict notice! My flesh no longer has a say, only Father’s. I’m in the world, but not of it.

Her followers were moved by her testimony and reactions include,

khadudukevin Talk of maturity in its greatest form, keep up the journey and good fight, otherwise how have you been?

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maureen_kamande Blessed be the name of the LORD, av just taken on this road (self-realization) and I’m loving it; I want God to work on me for HIS glory.

lishenga_l Halleluyah I have truly seen your growth in Christ since the day you put those two videos on youtube confessing about your previous life. Jesus is Lord. Continue fighting the GOOD FIGHT of faith.

lizzygacheri DEEP

anthonyajiduah Beautifully put! Though we are in the world,we are not of the world! God bless you as you WALK with Him!

flourishcherish Amen girl beautiful testimony

stacymuya Amen girl! Glory to God.

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