There are many ways to spice up your sex life and while it can involve a different approach in the bedroom, it appears the food you eat can play a role too.

Making sure you consume a variety of libido-boosting foods could be the key to getting the fire back in the bedroom, according to Australian nutritionist Lee Holmes.

Author of the Supercharged Food recipe book and website, Lee told Lifestyle Food that it’s important to eat foods that support sexual energy in the mesolimbic dopamine pathway – the place in our bodies that is responsible for libido.

The first sex superfood on Lee’s list is Maca, the powder seen in health food stores all over the country.

A root vegetable, Maca has been used for fertility, arousal and to ease hot flushes in the past.

Lee said Maca ‘has the potential to help healthy menopausal women with sexual dysfunction and men with erectile dysfunction’.

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The next is the humble pine nut.

‘Since Zinc is a key mineral for maintaining sexual potency, Zinc-rich pine nuts contain around 58 per cent of your daily requirement in a small serving,’ Lee said.

These Zinc-laden nuts are easily served on salads or in pesto before a night of intimacy.

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Natural mood stabilizers can also be found in kale and sweet potatoes, which are loaded with vitamin C.

‘That’s really important for helping your body circulate blood and any kind of orange fruit or vegetable is great for circulation,’ Lyndi added.

Sweet potatoes are also great for giving you a slow release of energy that Lyndi revealed will help keep your mood stable all day.

‘You’re less likely to get hormonal fluctuations,’ Lyndi added. ‘It will help with stamina in the bedroom and [give] the right kind of energy to keep you going.’

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The seeds in watermelon are packed with zinc, an iron booster that can help with energy levels

A lot of these foods, there’s a lot of crossover,’ she added. ‘They tend to be really good for your mood and your energy levels.’

Zinc is also great for a bedroom boost, and can be as easy to add to your diet as sprinkling pine nuts, flax seeds or pumpkin seeds into your salads and smoothies.

Not a fan of nuts? Lyndi revealed that watermelon seeds also pack some zinc punch. Looks like strawberries aren’t the only fruit that are good for the bedroom.

And when it comes to the classic chocolate and oysters, Lyndi revealed their mythical aphrodisiac properties are often overblown.

‘You actually need to eat quite a bit to get those benefits, whereas tomato and kale are something we can easily integrate into our lives,’ she said.

‘Then you’re not just waiting for special occasions to get that boost.’

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Oily fish, such as salmon, makes the list of sexual superfoods as well Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Already containing a wide range of health benefits, oily fish makes the list of sexual superfoods as well.

Omega 3 improves dopamine levels, raising the blood flow to the brain and various other parts of the body needed for a night in with your partner.

‘Dopamine also helps you feel more relaxed and connected to your partner, which makes intimacy more fun,’ Lee said.

Octopus soup (pweza)

It is a cure for impotence and can indeed boost your sexual life.

octopus - Pikia Mzee Pweza! Foods That Could Boost Your Sex Life

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