Gospel singer Mr Seed has committed social media suicide.

The father of one has deleted his Instagram account a few days after he was accused of cheating on his wife Nimo.

A city lass told Mpasho.co.ke that the artiste forced himself on her when she visited him at his house.

Mr Seed, who recently released a new song Upo, which talks about his life struggles and how he contemplated suicide, had just settled down when the devil struck.

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The scandal has left him humiliated and deleting his Instagram account might not be the best solution.Screenshot from 2019 06 20 084029 - Mr Seed commits social media suicide after cheating scandal


The gospel industry has overtaken the secular with scandals and many were not amused by the singer’s scandal.

One Facebook user wrote,

I was alive when the “Gospel” Industry had more scandals than the Secular industry!

Another one wrote,

Nyi wasanii mtatuonyesha mambo jameni. Wengine wanarape na we unarecord calls kama Governor Sonko.

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His wife Nimo’s accounts are still on and since the scandal, she hasn’t posted anything.

Screenshot from 2018 12 27 11 54 32 - Mr Seed commits social media suicide after cheating scandal
Mr Seed and his lover Nimo

Other celebrities who’ve deleted their social media pages are President Uhuru and DK Kwenye Beat.

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