Churchill Comedienne Adhis Jojo has revealed that she at some point felt like her mother loved her siblings more than she loved her.

Jojo’s mother who was a teacher was tasked with the sole responsibility of raising 5 children after she and her husband parted ways.

It was not easy on her.

Speaking during an interview with Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo, Jojo says, “Growing up I loved school but my mum would tell me ‘Let me pay for your sibling this time around while you stay at home’.

At some point I was transferred from an expensive high school to a cheaper one and I could not understand why. I was young and I could not understand a parent’s sacrifices.

She adds,

I used to blame my mother adding that she loved my siblings more than she did me.Things happen for a reason and if I was not transferred schools maybe I would not be where I am today.

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Ob being asked whether her dad has ever contacted her Jojo says

 I know he will call me one day and I look forward to the day I will meet him.My question to him would be why he left.

I have never asked my mum why my dad left because I was scared it would trigger something in my mum.

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Adhis 2 - ‘I felt like my mother didn’t love me,’ Churchill Comedienne Adhis Jojo admits
Churchill comedienne Adhis Jojo

Jojo adds that like every little girl she was a daddies girl before the family broke up

I miss having a father figure in my life. I am now a big girl but I know that my siblings miss having my dad around. He left when I was in class three. I was very close to my dad but when my mum got a transfer from home we never returned. My mum is a teacher.

In conclusion, Jojo adds

I do not even want him to apologize. I would accept him even if he was to come back now.

I do not hold anything against him because I don’t know what happened between them.

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