Money is good and can buy you happiness.

If you doubt this, ask your rich friends.

Politician Steve Mbogo who is known for his flashy lifestyle is among the very few Kenyans living the life.

Wanaokula nyama tukimeza mate!

Hon Steve Mbogo - ‘I own a suit Worth 0.8m!’ claims flamboyant politician, Steve Mbogo

The father of two is in the mining business and real estate which explains why he is always balling.

Just like other big boys the likes of Shaffie Weru, Jared Otieno and Maina Kageni, Steve Mbogo not only rolls in expensive machines but also wears clothes worth your university school fees.

MASKINI NI WEWE NA WATU WA KWENU! Meet The Super Rich Kids Of Instagram, Steve Mbogo Might Shed Tears After Seeing How They Roll (PHOTOS)

In a recent interview with e-daily, Steve Mbogo revealed that he owns expensive designer suits from Massimo Dutti, Canali and Massimo Bossi

“I have Canali, Massimo Dutti and Masimo Bossi suits. The most expensive in my closet goes for Ksh.800. 000. That is a gift I bought myself. If I dress in that suit and go for a meeting, believe you me I am going to strike that deal. If I stand in front of you in that suit, I am more confident to challenge any question you would ask me,” said Steve Mbogo.

There you have it!

Mbogo hapana tambua mitumba za Gikomba!

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