He is indeed rich.

Leading East African artiste Jose Chameleone is living proof that music does pay.

The Wale Wale hit singer is among the few musicians who have remained relevant in the music industry.

Chameleone has continued to cement his place among the most sought after music kings in East Africa.

He is swimming in riches. His flashy lifestyle tells it all.

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The Ugandan star took to social media to prove his followers wrong after they mocked his lifestyle.

A few months ago when his younger brother AK47 died, many criticized his village “mansion” saying the singer lived large yet had nothing to show for it in the village.

This was in an apparent reference to the family’s small house in the village.

Here is the photo of Chameleone’s city house.

jose h - Ugandan king! Jose Chameleone shows off his mansion (PHOTOS)

In the past, Jose has been accused of being a member of Illuminati but he denied the allegations.

Illuminati! Jose Chameleone Responds To Allegations He Sacrificed His Brother For Wealth


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