If you thought rich kids of Kenya are the only ones who party hard you are wrong. Wait until you meet Cameroon’s first daughter Brenda Biya, the sexy daughter of President Paul Biya.

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Cameroon’s first lady

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Paul Biya has been the president of Cameroon since 1982 he is married to a beautiful, stylish woman Chantal Vigouroux, the mother of his three kids, two sons; Franck Biya, Paul Biya Jr and a daughter Anastasia Brenda Biya Eyenga.

Brenda, the only daughter of the Cameroonian president, is always grabbing headlines for various reasons.

From showing off her wealth (cars, designer bags and shoes) to flaunting her flawless body and cute face with perfectly arched eyebrows to smoking shisha like a chimney, this rich kid is never afraid of the publicity.

Brenda, who took after her famous stylish mother, has always left countrymen talking and questioning about her lifestyle.

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Well, photos and videos of Brenda Biya smoking shisha are trending on social media but it seems the rich kid is not bothered.

Is she aware of the effects of smoking shisha?

Rich kids have money and acquiring what they want is very easy for them.

Below is a video of Brenda smoking shisha like an industrial area chimney.

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