As the years pass by, Kenyan pastors and spiritual leaders have adapted to more sophisticated lifestyles unlike the old days.

Pastors these days are living the urban lifestyle which is evidenced by their style of dressing, their fancy clothes, their cars and luxury homes.

This is all thanks to the booming nature of the church business.

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Nowadays, these men of God step onto the on pulpits every Sunday wearing Italian designer suits worth your one year’s rent.

From the ties to shoes to expensive watches, these spiritual leaders attract many to the church thanks to their dress codes.

Well, below is a list of best dressed Kenyan pastors, go through

1. Pastor and motivational speaker Robert Burale

2. Bishop Allan Kiuna of Jubilee Christian Church (JCC)

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3. Apostle James Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism centre



4. Joseph Hellon of Finger of God Ministries

5.Pastor Nick Korir of Nairobi Chapel

motor - Kings of the pulpit! Best dressed Kenyan pastors

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6. Pastor Kanyari of Salvation Healing Ministry church

7. Julian Kyula – Reverend and the senior pastor of Purpose Center Church

8. George Macharia of Lavington United Church

george macharia - Kings of the pulpit! Best dressed Kenyan pastors

9. Pastor Simon Mbevi of Mavuno church

11376543 1452961708358281 996469790 n - Kings of the pulpit! Best dressed Kenyan pastors


10. Prophet Owuor of Repentance and Holiness Church

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