Days after Ringtone’s search for a wife at Bishop Kiuna’s church was halted, the gospel singer revealed that he has found his wife.

65295800 1546378012158922 5572543723792760832 n - Ringtone ‘weds’ Harmonize’s ex, Jacquline Wolper

He revealed this in his new single ‘Natafuta Bibi’ which is already on YouTube.

Taking to his social media page Ringtone wrote,

Am cried the whole time am record this song and am cry everyday trusting God for a Wife or girlfriend as you all continue to dismiss me1f622 - Ringtone ‘weds’ Harmonize’s ex, Jacquline Wolper1f622 - Ringtone ‘weds’ Harmonize’s ex, Jacquline Wolper1f622 - Ringtone ‘weds’ Harmonize’s ex, Jacquline Wolper1f622 - Ringtone ‘weds’ Harmonize’s ex, Jacquline Wolper

‘My mum knows I am a good son!’ Willy Paul on raunchy photos

Ringtone Wolper1 - Ringtone ‘weds’ Harmonize’s ex, Jacquline WolperIn the video, Ringtone proposes to Harmonize’s ex and bongo actress Jacqueline Wolper.

Anyhow, that is not the news, after his post, Kenyans on Twitter went ham on his choice of a wife. Below are some of the comments

@CalebMasake“Bado mtaachana tu!” We believe in this famous Kenyan proverb.

@enock_kiptanui Looks like no one was invited to the affair. Sounds funny but kila na kheri.

 @Roba_Ukweli Just the other day Ringtone was talking trash of willy paul having tatoos, now he has just settled on a woman that has tattoos. utatwambia nini…

Peleka ujinga mbali! Ringtone chased like dog from Kiuna’s church

 Ringtone Wolper - Ringtone ‘weds’ Harmonize’s ex, Jacquline Wolper
@Kisiigirl1 Jacky Wolper hodari wa mapenzi. So turns out Ringtone actually believed what Mbosso said hehe.
@ItsLoftus: Let’s wish him all the best coz we don’t look forward to seeing him with posters ever again…
@IamSamiSamuelAfter years of wife search! Finally, Ringtone Apoko has found a lover, a wife, a friend, a woman she will call the mother of his children, a prayer partner, a queen and a beauty!
Now that we know all that was a publicity stunt we hope Ringtone can now get married atulie.
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