KTN news anchor Lindah Oguttu has left her twitter followers confused after she tweeted that she is looking for ‘firewood’ to help her beat the June cold.

According to her the cold is too much for a heater to handle.

Her salacious tweet read,

Mtu anisaidie na kuni imekauka kapsaaaa…. Hii baridi makaa na heater haziwezi… (Someone help me with their wood. Charcoal and heaters cannot handle This cold).

linda o - ‘Nataka kuni, baridi imezidi,’ Linda Ogutu begs her fans
Linda Oguttu in studio

Well, the slang word for a man’s manhood is ‘kuni’ as such, Kenyans were excited to learn they could offer the damsel their warmth inducing tool even if just for a short while.

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Upon realizing her fan’s reactions Linda sarcastically responded

Lakini Wakenya mko na ufaaaalaaaa…bure kabisa. (But you kenyans are full of it).

Linda 1 e1561553928637 - ‘Nataka kuni, baridi imezidi,’ Linda Ogutu begs her fans

Below are reactions and comments from her fans.

Na hii Kiswahili ya Kenya hapa akili zimehama kutoka Cairo mpaka Cape town.

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Another adds,

Niko na kuni karefu , karound hivi huwa kanalast long wakati wa baridi.

Another fan tweeted,

Si utavunja hio kuni na hizo hips yawa!

Just when you think you have heard enough, another fan chided,

‘Kuni imekauka kapsaaaa’…I believe thousands of men are flooding your inbox… We choose it’s literal meaning not the conventional.

Another who is obviously a member of team mafisi wrote,

Where do I have them delivered Linda? I Have an overdose from last cold season.

Another fan advises Linda to

Be careful Nyako, you may be misunderstood and put yourself and others in profound peril. Speaking for the dried firewood suppliers.

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