Becoming a pastor is the new trend in Kenya; that’s the only way you can survive in the city under the sun.

Nairobi is a concrete jungle people, you have to make a living, somehow.

Several pastors have been accused of obtaining money from their congregations using unsavoury means.

But what puzzles many is, why do congregants still flock to such churches?

It has now emerged that a certain man of God from one of the popular churches in Eastlands was trending on social media.

This was after he requested for thousands of shillings from his congregation to help clear the payment of his ‘gift car’.

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The letter to the congregants read:

“Development committee is still calling upon all Christians to clear the payment of the Vicar’s gift car. We still have a balance of Ksh 194767.”

Check out the photos of the pamphlets asking the congregation to help the pastor level up in his car payments.

The church business has become so viable in Kenya and its upon every Christian to choose the best place to worship.

Who are we to judge? We are not the creator.

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