“Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal”.

Over the years, the Kenyan entertainment industry has suffered blow after blow with the loss of talented stars among them gospel singer Angela Chibalonza, E-sir, Habel Kifoto, Poxy-Presha, Daddy Konya, Kaberere, Musa Juma and Jacob Luseno.

List Of Famous Entertainment Celebrities Who Passed Away In 2014

The industry has seen new musicians come up and more will continue to emerge and grow. However, these fallen heroes remain etched in our memory.

Though they are no more, we still entertain the fantasy of getting to experience their music live again.

Below is a list of Kenyan musicians that, given a chance, I would bring back to life for the sake of Kenyan music and their loved ones.

  1. Angela Chibalonza

The talented gospel singer perished in a ghastly morning road accident at Kinale, on the Naivasha-Nairobi highway while returning to Nairobi from a performance at Egerton University in Njoro.

2. E-sir

Death robbed us of a young, talented and ambitious musician. He was at the peak of his music career when he passed on in a grisly road accident in 2003. Esir will be remembered for his hit songs “Moss Moss” and “Hamunitishi”. He was an inspiration and a mentor to many and am sure if he was to come back to life, he would outshine the current wannabes.


3. Poxy-Presha

He was the one who fought for the rights of Kenyan musicians. He never entertained piracy and that’s the reason why we have the MCSK.

He however never lived to see the fruit of his labour.

If Poxy-Presha was to come back today, he would be proud that his anti-piracy campaign still lives on.

4. Jacob Luseno

The legendary Luhya singer brought peace in Mulembe land. His songs are still enjoyed up to date. Unlike the new crop of musicians whose songs have little meaning, Luseno’s tunes still make sense today.

5. Kaberere

The gospel singer passed away last year after the release of the hit song Mwanake where he featured alongside Benachi. That song was voted as the best Collabo of the year at the 2015 Groove Awards.

6. Daddy Konia

The unsung hero, finest African reggae MC, Enock Simiyu Konya a.k.a Daddy Konia will forever be remembered especially among reggae fans across the globe.

His death came as a shock to many. The versatile reggae MC was a member of Dohty family.

7. Habel Kifoto

The founder and bandleader of Maroon Commandos.

8. Musa Juma

The legendary Luo singer whose life was cut short is among the top musicians celebrated in Kenya.


9. Daudi Kabaka

The Zilizopendwa veteran’s music still rocks even today.


10. Murimi Wa Kahalf

He passed away only a few days ago after a short illness. Murimi was at his peak when he met his untimely death. He will be remembered for his hit song “Ino ni Momo”.


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