After the story about the matatu crew that helps disabled people by transporting them to and from work went viral, award-winning gospel singer Daddy Owen has promised to do something special for them.

Through his social media accounts, the “Mbona” singer revealed that he is going to nominate the unsung heroes for next year’s Malaika Awards.

Daddy Owen is a founder member of the Malaika Awards, a Charitable organization for the disabled.

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He posted a photo of the matatu crew and had this to say:

“These are our unsung heroes. ..looking for their contacts ..anyone?… These are guys who should be nominated for Malaika Tribute Awards next year. . Thank you guys for caring for people living with disabilities. .”

Here is the photo.


DADDY OWEN - What Daddy Owen Intends To Do For The Matatu Crew That Left Everyone Talking


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