Brilliant minds Akothee and Zari are planning something big.

The Ugandan businesswoman is currently in the country and in a candid interview with Mpasho Akothee revealed the main reason why Zari is around.

She said,

I missed my flight to South Africa from Paris and we opted for Naivasha. We’re planning the Women’s conference and it’s gonna be big this time. Women must transform their lives for the better.

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Talking about her relationship with Zari, the mother of five said,

We support each other. We clicked from day one. She’s a real person with a great personality, she has her life all grounded together.

What I love about her is her passion as a mother and a mentor to so many young girls, even though they hide behind pseudo to condemn her yet they admire her life.

The sh*t she has gone through some women will leave and even commit suicide or lose it. I love her sense of humor and she takes me as I am.

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The two mothers are ready to share their life experiences with fellow women at the Women’s conference and Akothee said,

we’re here to show a good example of living a life after a break down. We’re not here to mold people’s lives for we don’t know their backgrounds and the nature of their own sh*t, we got our sh*t together and that keeps us going.

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Boss ladies enjoying a glass of champagne

Akothee also gave details of the mega event they are planning.

Women’s conference will be held in Mombasa this August at the English point marina and will be hosted by Zari  and I.

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Ladies save 23rd Aug for the BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE LADIES CONFERENCE to be held in Mombasa. The Future is Female ✊ @akotheekenya

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She said the conference will have quite a number of speakers both locally and internationally. The self-proclaimed president of single mothers said the main goal of the conference is to

Uplift women’s spirits and make them know their worth and be ready to face challenges head other than have a pity-party.


Most women succumb to pity party mentality probably because their ego has been tampered with, to let women know that having children is not the end of the world, and a man saying no to you doesn’t mean you are not worthy.

Zarin and Akohe - ‘I love Zari because she takes me as I am,’ Akothee
Brilliant minds discussing about the Women’s conference

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