Speaking in a past Story Moja festival Bob Collymore confessed that apart from loving reading and sports, his other fascination was girls.

Bob, who before his untimely death was the CEO of Safaricom, says that he was a lazy child but his mother pushed him to work hard.

I was a bright child but I was also a lazy child. My grandmother used to spoil me and let me get away with things.

I did my O Levels when I was about 14 but I did the minimum I could get away with so I got away with 3 O Levels.

Bob adds

After That I went to live with my mum in England and she gave me an ultimatum of achieving three more 0 levels within three months.

bob colymore moments4 - ‘Girls fascinated me’ See Bob Collymore’s fascinating childhood experience
Bob Collymore

He adds

I was good at history and Economic, I was terrible at maths.

Bob adds that he did not get to go to campus due to lack of fees.

My favorite books were by Shakespeare. when I was young I loved going on stage, At the time I thought I was a great actor

I did not get to university because we did not have enough money so I went to work.

He adds that apart from loving books he had a passion for cricket.

I loved cricket because even if you are not good you can be covered by the other players.

Saf7 - ‘Girls fascinated me’ See Bob Collymore’s fascinating childhood experience
Bob Collymore

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He adds

Girls interested me more than anything else

From a very early age I learned that emotions are very important ,I used to read ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ and it used to make me cry.

Bob Collymore adds that he started working at 16

I found work at 16 at a shop opening and cleaning the shop and shelves and that was my first break.

That job helped me to understand what it is to sweep the floor, wipe the shelves etc.


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