Safaricom’s late boss Bob Collymore was not going to let something like dowry negotiation – ruracio – to get in his way of being with the love of his life.

Wambui Kamiru’s uncle, Captain Kungu Muigai recounted how the ruracio went when Collymore went to seek the hand of his one love.

He was backed up with a group of his “sweet mouths” crew to advocate on his behalf.

His team was led by the state’s Attorney General Githu Muigai, to ensure everything fell in place.

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Captain Kungu Muigai - ‘Do everything Wambui’s family wants,’ Bob Collymore said at ruracio
Captain Kungu Muigai

During his tribute at All Saints Cathedral yesterday, retired Captain Kungu Muigai narrated,

“When Bob came calling, it’s me he encountered. He was an articulate man in execution. He put up a team which he thought consisted of the best negotiators in town,” Kungu said.

Kungu said Bob kept asking the Attorney General to ‘do everything the in-laws wanted’.

“He kept on telling Githu: Whatever they want, just do it. Don’t mince words,” he said.

When he eventually gave him Wambui’s hand in marriage, Kingu said Bob was overjoyed.

“The man lit up like a Christmas tree,” Kungu said as the crowd exploded with laughter.

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cre4 1 - ‘Do everything Wambui’s family wants,’ Bob Collymore said at ruracio
Bob’s widow Wambui Kamiru wipes tears outside Lee funeral home

He said Collymore looked after Kamiru, adored and protected her and their children.

“We were happy. He was a great family man and spread the love across the family,” Kungu said.

His love for Wambui was evident. Collymore even asked his ‘boys’ to always stand by his wife Wambui after his death.

He calmly told us, “If I get three more days, I will be lucky.” We asked what we must do, should we part. “Stay together, stand by Wambui,” he said.

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