House helps also known as managers are a saving grace to many women especially in this era where most wives have careers that keep them away from home.

They ensure that the house is well managed and that the couple gets some time alone, but despite all the work they do, most of them go through a lot of tribulations.

Some house managers opened up on the problems they go through and some of them might leave you shocked.

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Househelp main edite - ‘I caught my male married boss in bed with another man,’ House helps expose secrets

One of the women who claim to have once walked in on two men making love said she was dumbfounded.

The men – who were married in heterosexual relationships – were startled but they quickly composed themselves, and she decided to blackmail them.

She was given a lot of cash to never mention the incident to anyone.

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Another woman opens up on how her former boss would make her wash her inner wears only to throw her out later after claiming that she was eyeing her husband.

She said,

“Initially I would soak them in soap and just rinse them, but now I separate them and leave them there. I don’t care whether they will call me for the next cleaning job or not,” the 29-year-old mother of one says.


At one point the woman kicked me out of her house claiming that that I was eyeing her husband.

But *Ruth says she was not even thinking about it.

“It so happened that when we were negotiating pay, the husband agreed to pay more than she had recommended and she suspected something.”

And then?

She complained that he was giving me too much. The husband said that I had done an excellent job. But the wife thought that I had not.

Another woman talks about how a man once seduced her and duped her into having sex with him after asking about her cleaning services.

*Violet, a mother of two, talked of her experience with a man she met on a particular spot along Elgeyo Marakwet Road in Kilimani, where she and other women look for clients.

One day, a man driving a top of the range car stopped and signalled her.

At first he looked like someone who was asking for directions because here it is very rare for a man to ask for a cleaning lady.

I went to him and he asked me how much I charge for washing,” she begins It depends on the number of clothes to be washed,” she told him.

The man said that he only had a few clothes but was willing to pay Sh1,000. This was a good offer since she was used to getting Sh200 to Sh300.

She jumped onto the back seat and they drove to Jamhuri. The man who she says was about 40 gave her some clothes, mostly jeans and tee shirts.

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She was done washing in less than two hours. Later, instead of Sh1000 as agreed earlier, the man gave her Sh2000.

After lunch, he seduced her.

She adds,

He gives me good money,” she says. She still works at the house, but his wife has no idea what is going on.

For a moment, I didn’t know what to do.

But having heard about it from my friends, I knew it was a matter time. I would have avoided it that first time but I thought about the money and the situation.

By agreeing to sleep with him, she left Sh3,000 richer. And that has been her story for the greater part of the year.

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