A while back, Lupita Nyong’o and Janelle Monáe set Twitter ablaze after their blazing hot fashion choices at the Met Gala.

It also did not help that they had such sizzling chemistry between them that people could not help but speculate about how close the two megastars are.

A journalist and fashion influencer Elaine Welteroth filmed the two grinding and dancing on her Instagram stories.

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In the video, you could see Lupita and Janelle behind Elaine, caressing each other’s faces.

Anyhow, now, Lupita has set tongues wagging again.

Janelle performed at Wembley, London this week and, during the song, I Got the Juice, she brought out Lupita.

The lyrics of the song are, “You’re so damn electro-cute/ You know you got that juice/ Now, squeeze all that passionfruit/ Ain’t no one fresher than you.”

They proceeded to grind on each other and, slap each other’s derrieres.

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Check out the video below.

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