We all have regrets, over things we did and milestones we never achieved.

In an interview with Mpasho DJ Mo has shared what his biggest regret in life is.

If given a chance to turn back time the Cross Over 101 spinmaster said that he would go back to when he was 15 years old.

Yes I have regrets, I  wish I started being serious with life as early as 15. By the time I came to realize how to be serious with life I was already 26/27. People wait to be 27 to get serious and wait till 30 to get saved. I wish I started my hustle at 15.

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DJ Mo who is also known as baba Ladasha Belle goes on to admit that now that he is well established financially, he does not mind giving his daughter whatever she wants.

I give her everything she asks for because I did not have this things growing up.

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Size 8, DJ Mo and Ladasha Belle

If she asks for something today, I give it to her tomorrow. because I am working to be able to provide for her.

Asked what he would want to teach his daughter, Ladasha, DJ Mo said,

The only thing I can teach her now is the word of God given that once you teach her that everything will fall into place.

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