Kenyan comedian Njugush was left reeling in shame after an effort to try and ridicule his ex hit a wall.

The popular comedian was unable to settle a restaurant bill.

Njugush had gone out and coincidentally his ex was also in the same restaurant enjoying her own company.

Upon realizing that, Njugush decided to ask for exorbitant priced meals and drinks all in the name of showing his ex what she was missing.

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He says,

Madam (waiter) I want fish and stir fried beef. My drink is the usual drink worth 8k.

Asked on why he is shouting, Njugush responds,

I am shouting because the lady over there is my ex and I want her to see how far I have gone in life.

Njugush ex 1 - Njugush unable to pay 29K hotel bill accrued trying to impress his ex
Njugush’ ex

Njugush calls the waiter adding,

Madam please add me another drink, chicken and bring the bill.

As if to rub salt on a wound he sarcastically sings about how he is the real OG.

Wanakoroga juice sisi tukikula fish, sisi ni ma OG.

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Njugush is left in shock after receiving the bill only to realize that his money fell out of his pockets unknowingly.

So the bill is Ksh 24,999? Let me give you the cash so that you can stop coming here after every few seconds.

Njugush’ ex cannot hide her excitement over the fact that her ex is now being humiliated before her.

Call the security madam because this is how this guy is, I have chongad viazi so many times over his refusal to pay bills.

Njugush 1 - Njugush unable to pay 29K hotel bill accrued trying to impress his ex
Njugush trying to negotiate his release after failing to pay a bill of Ksh 29,999

He eats and refuses to pay. Go call the security I will take care of him.

Next time you go on a date enda kama umejipanga.

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