Benji Ndolo has come out to explain that his Audi Q7 was not repossessed by a bank over non-payment of a loan but rather that it was a “dispute” with his friend.

“I don’t have any loan? Yes, I have seen the photo, I don’t have a loan. But a loan is a non-issue because Kenya has a loan. I have a dispute with the guys who sold me the car, I have the log book in my office and the issue is in court.”

Word on the street was that the political analyst-cum-blogger’s posh machine was repoed after many attempts by the auctioneers to do so.

Apparently, when Benji caught wind that the auctioneers were within the compound, he sneaked through the kitchen door straight to the parking lot and drove away.

The auctioneers who were determined to repossess the high-end car chased him all the way to the CBD where they caught up with him along Loita Street.

The source told,

“The only things Benji was allowed to pick from the car were a phone charger and a bunch of bananas that were on the passenger’s seat.”

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Here are the photos of the repossession.

Screen Shot 2019 07 05 at 2.07.24 PM - Photos of Benji Ndolo’s Audi Q7 being repossessed on Loita Street

Screen Shot 2019 07 05 at 2.05.49 PM - Photos of Benji Ndolo’s Audi Q7 being repossessed on Loita Street
Benji Ndolo’s car being repossessed

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