He has always made headlines with his vines on Youtube and boy this man is funny! Well, it seems like Seth Gor, the 23-year-old is now climbing higher heights after landing a deal on TV.

Mpasho.co,ke has learnt that Gor, will be featuring in an upcoming business reality show dubbed “Boss Undercover”

The bachelors in economics and statistics student was among the top 100 most influential students in Kenya.

In this project, Gor will be working with businessman George Kamano and John Muchiri.

seth gor 3 - Comedian Seth Gor lands lucrative TV deal

Among his most successful project is the ‘Salt Bae’ parody which attracted millions of views on social media, a video that was originally done by Turkish chef Nusret Gökç.

Gor used Avocado, kenya’s best-loved fruit.

Jokes Aside, Seth Gor Has A Message For you If You’re In Your 20’s


You go Seth!

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