Anerlisa Muigai has called out people who are waiting for her downfall. According to Anerlisa some people only celebrate others misery.

She advised such people to take a hint and control themselves as life is never that serious.

It’s funny, I go for 5 days without posting and people already thinking something is wrong with me to even sending bible verses 1f605 - Control yourself! Anelisa gives advise to those awaiting her downfall1f605 - Control yourself! Anelisa gives advise to those awaiting her downfall.

I just realised how many people wait for someone’s downfall so they can celebrate.

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Anerlisa goes on to add that in this time and age it is easier dealing with genuine people as it is less draining.

I would rather be posting usual activities that people EXPECT, Then be somewhere so far with people I love and care about.

With so much evilness and jealousy on social media,you’ve got to also control that.

In conclusion, Anerlisa also hints that she is not seeking anybody’s validation as she is OK with who she is and where she is in life.

Otherwise you will run mad trying to look for people’s validation, and don’t depend on people’s lives on social media,so many people only showing 15% of their current situation. 

Never seek people’s validation!!!.

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