Gospel artiste cum TV host Kambua has confessed how heartbroken she feels about bullying after a form two student was left with a brain injury.

The Nairobi School student was attacked by prefects for allegedly “not having a tie”.

Speaking about the issue Kambua says,

My heart broke when I heard the news about the boy from Nairobi School nursing a brain injury.

But his is just one of many horror stories we keep hearing of. Bullying should have no place in our schools1f6ab - ‘My heart broke,’ cried Kambua over assault of Nairobi School student.

Leaked SMSes of Nairobi School parents after student assault by a prefect

She adds,

I’m curious to know, were any of you bullied in school? How did it affect you at the time, and in the long run?🤷1f3fe - ‘My heart broke,’ cried Kambua over assault of Nairobi School student‍♀️ #letstalk
Also, parents, have your children ever told you that they were being bullied at school? How did you handle it? #letstalk

Below are confessions from other parents from different schools.

my son had a speech problem…intact he still has it but I like to think it is in the past because he is improving… Now boys at his class would bully him he talks like a baby.

He would come home saying he doesn’t want school anymore my baby is 8 years I talked to the class teacher. they no longer bully him coz he is the class prefect…1f602 - ‘My heart broke,’ cried Kambua over assault of Nairobi School student1f602 - ‘My heart broke,’ cried Kambua over assault of Nairobi School student

Another parent adds,

I was once slapped by my fellow classmate, I was in class 3…the slap gave me a mark until today.

I suffered facial palsy, stayed in hospital for 6 months undergoing treatment and physiotherapy…

My one side was deformed but thank God I recovered, not fully but you can’t Tell untill I tell you that’s when you will notice…Bullying should be stopped in Schools.

As if that is not heartbreaking enough another adds,

Someone close to me was beaten black and blue by the school administrator. The child was locked away or hidden in the sickbay…

all the teachers and admin colluded to keep the issue on the Down Low because the bully was related to some big shots in the county government and Ministry of Education.

She adds,

God bless the worker who called us otherwise, ingekuwa storo ingine…we need to be educated on how to deal with bullies…is there a law that protects children…we should have a hotline that can deal.with such cases.

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