Pastor Robert Burale has no kind words for a new breed of men who spend nights in their mother-in-law’s homestead and walk around half-naked like they are in their own home.

In the most recent social media advise, Pastor Burale has some wisdom to dispense to city men.

Burale cautioned, “You have no business going for a sleep-over for days at your in laws house unless it’s absolutely necessary.”

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He explains, “A man should not be walking in the corridor of his mother in law house with a towel showing off your 9 chest hairs. One even goes for swimming with his kids and his mum in n law ..What business do you have seeing your mother in law in her costume?????”

Pastor burale added, “If this is being “new age”, I hereby surrender my citizenship…if you want to find me please get me in WAKANDA.”

21151548 1654180964615693 897957173399017185 n - Pastor Burale blasts men for ‘showing off your 9 chest hairs’ to mother-in-lawsKenyans, as usual, reacted to this information. Here are some of the interesting comments.

Martin Mani Odhiambo: Mjaluo na Mluhyia hawezi patikana huko. Boundaries are very clear

Lydiah Joy Kaimuri: Meru you’ll never see in-laws in your house for more than one day. We respect couples privacy. And that enhances a very healthy relationship from either side. Hatunanga panganga. I’m proud to be a Meru

F Lorence Kiendi: You lie…I witnessed a mother inlaw who would come 4 times a month…and even the daughter-in-law had no clue she would be coming… the househelp always knew coz mother-in-law would call and inform her.

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Artis Laddy Neeh: These are small issues. Come abroad and see how mother in law will wash the inner pants of her daughter’s husband and arrange for them in there wardrobe……hahaaa

Molly Awuor Karanja: In the Luo culture OR (read son in law) cannot even look at MARO (mother in law) in the eye neither can they sleep under the same roof nor share a bathroom nor a toilet. OR respect yourselves. ..swimming abomination.

Bro Jonathan Musau: Bro Israel Robert Burale They say in my community when you see your in-law coming to take a step next to the other side of the fence and let him pass then can proceed! Sleeping in their compound was and can’t be allowed even in this New Generation…Time to shape up into honour or guys ship out…Heshima Idumu.!

Macharia Ephantus: the village I come from, they say “Ùthoni ndùrangarangagwo” meaning you don’t just wake up and think of going to your inlaws house. So, when a guy sleeps in his inlaws house, its a grave mistake.

Noah Musyoki: Okey tumeskia, and we won’t repeat that again especially hapo kwa swimming.

Triza NyarWanga: True this modernisation should respect boundaries with mother-in-law

John Maina: You have nailed it, and those men who marry n take their wives to live in the same compound with their mum’s…. shame on them.

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