Sauti sol’ lead singer is not taking it lightly that there is no East African artiste featured in the Lion King soundtrack album titled, New Africa.

He was responding to an Instagram post by his fellow bandmate, Fancy Fingers who wrote that “For a movie whose concept is fully based on the Kenyan/Tanzanian scenery, use of Swahili phrases and references, you would think they would at least consider artists from this region and not focus on artists from one country/region.”

He continued, “Believe me I have nothing against the artists picked, if anything I am happy for them. It’s a lifetime opportunity that you can’t pass by! I am very much against the people who decide to present Africa with artists from one country/region. #kunamatata #lionking Or maybe am being petty.”

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BIEN - ‘F*ck you East Africans. Work hard!’ Bien rants over Lion King albumBien did not mince his words. He shot back at Fancy Finger saying,

“F*ck you East Africans. Work hard. This is not your uncle’s movie. It’s a business. No pity party. Everyone wants to eat. You better have something on your plate.

Victoria Kimani responded to him saying, “Throw the whole EA away…. but …. preserve the Animals 1f64f - ‘F*ck you East Africans. Work hard!’ Bien rants over Lion King album1f3fe - ‘F*ck you East Africans. Work hard!’ Bien rants over Lion King album❤️.”

Bien defended his stance adding,

“My friend all I have been all my life is a martyr for this region. If this is the defining moment of my loyalty so be it. But facts remain facts.”

Check out what other East African stars think about the Lion King Soundtrack album.

vanessamdee: Hii kitu ni biashara poly, na waPopo wako na interests zao. Wote wanajua filamu iko set in East Africa na kihalali tungestahili kupata kanafasi, lakini hatuna wanaotuwakilisha huko kwa maExec wa Disney au kwa team ya Beyoncé. Isitoshe wakipiga mahesabu kihalali watu wa magharibi wanatuzidi kibiashara kwenye ununuzi wa bidha na mziki ndani na nje ya bara la Afrika. Kihalali kabisa ingepaswa hii album ijae kiswahili na masound ya pande zetu lakini kwenye soko la kimataifa bado sisi sio wazito in comparison to watu wa magharibi. Wangepaswa kufanya research to fully embody the essence of Simba. Lakini ndio hivyo. Na kiukweli ni misrepresentation na KUNA MATATA lakini ndiyo hivyo soko linavamiwa. Shikeni la kwenu. Ownership.

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kate_actress: Na wonder hao wa naija hawananga hizo lions nkt 1f644 - ‘F*ck you East Africans. Work hard!’ Bien rants over Lion King album1f644 - ‘F*ck you East Africans. Work hard!’ Bien rants over Lion King album

victoriakimani: I can’t lie….. I’m deeply hurt #KunaMatata AF

jaazodongo: Just saw the news about this bro. Honestly I think the same thing you do too. It’s a bit sad. Like no SA even at least…? All Nigerian? @beyonce on the interview says she wanted it to be authentically African and have the best African artists on it. Surely if she was being serious about this they would have diversified. So yes, basically Africa is Nigeria. Good for them though. At the end of the day if you want to do something right you gat to do it yourself. Let’s make our own content and movies that we are proud of. We don’t have to wait for other people to tell our story. This is exactly what this is.

danaceda: This business is weird

dngkenya: Valid point. I see Mr. Eazi and Tiwa repping for Africa, at the very least. I wonder how far the copyright lawsuit by Them Mushrooms went.

roykaruhize: I summarize it in one of their own words n own animals ‘horse shit’, nothing against our Afro talent. I don’t see them doing SA stories without SA actions, Mexican stories with Americans or Kungu Fu without wachinku. That’s why not caught up the watching….coz that’s the only part we might be needed.

theavieway: Ngoja sasa muone hata launch ya EA itakuwa a by the way. The closest thing to a launch for us ni zile lion si hukutana nazo tukienda job asubuhi. But on the real @magicalkenya @brandkenyaboard ummm 🤣🤣🤣

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