This is a tale that hasn’t been told before. Janet Mbugua’s twin brother, Timothy has spoken out about his horrible sex experience.

Timothy was speaking candidly to Karen ‘Kaz’ Lucas on her Youtube Channel, The Spread, where she demystifies everything about sex.

The topic for the video series was about firsts.

Timothy narrated how he deflowered a Ugandan babe. At the time he had been celibate for slightly over four months. He met the chic as a club and they went to her hostel room.

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“After four months I’m going wild, this chic, I meet her at the club. It was real quick and I was really buzzed. It turns out she was a virgin. She told me, ‘It is okay I have some lube in the cardboard’. I asked her, ‘You mean this? Vaseline?’”

Screen2520Shot25202018 06 262520at25206.51.442520AM - Janet Mbugua’s brother explains how he deflowered a campus beautyTimothy went ahead with the foreplay and eventually things heated up and they had sex.

“I wasn’t wearing a condom, that is really bad, don’t do that! It was excruciating. I woke up with bruises.”

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From Timothy’s story, deflowering a girl must be very painful for the man-folk too.

Kaz then went ahead to ask him how his first time was like, Timothy was more than happy to narrate the experience.

“I was 18. It was a boarding school, I was dating this girl. She had had sex before me.”

Screen Shot 2018 06 26 at 6.53.09 AM - Janet Mbugua’s brother explains how he deflowered a campus beautyThey made arrangements and the date for the liason was set.

“She was waiting for me in bed. I was terrified, I pulled out the condom that I had I’m my wallet for ages and I had on my lucky boxers. I fumbled, I put on the condom the wrong way. It was a really nice room, it was actually really romantic. She was 2 years younger than me. She told me she had had sex at the year before when she was 15.”

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Screen Shot 2018 06 26 at 6.51.56 AM - Janet Mbugua’s brother explains how he deflowered a campus beautyAfter that, Timothy decided to be celibate for 2 years before he met another woman with whom he ‘dated’ for four months. He explains the first time he broke his celibacy was “quite memorable”.

“Let’s just say it was quite memorable. We ended up seeing each other for four months. She however said, the only way you can have sex with me is if we are dating. Which is something I really hate about things chic do.”

Timothy was linked to Edith Kimani who is based in Germany.

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