Men can be cowards when their mothers are involved in their lives they cannot stand up to their mummies. Ever.

This mama’s boy, took to social media to explain the drama in his life.

“My wife-to-be and my mum did slapping competition today and I had to leave the house.
So I introduced my girl to my parents last two months and my mum never liked her, reasons best known to her.

She is used to harassing my girl that I have witnessed a lot both on phone and she will be saying ‘Yes ma’.

My mum is this busy body type that doesn’t stay in one place because we live in the same state she is always in my house.

I don’t know what happened between them I just heard my girl warning her not to try it again, and before I could park my car and close the door, my mum slapped her and she slapped my mum in return, for me to go inside to know the problem my mum held me and asked me to kill her, and my girl did the same.

So I just pulled out from both of them and drove out. I am in a hotel now. What can I do?
Judge the matter for me because I am not picking anybody’s call tonight, my head is blank.”

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Here is what he was advised by the very wise people of the interwebs.

onyi_udens: Poster from your post it seems you are taking side with your girl. Your mum might be a busy body and might not like her. Poster for your girl to slap your mum back is so so so bad and unacceptable. I am not taking side with your mum but look at it this way, in age and being a future mother-in-law she would have waited for you to return lay complaints to you. You, on the other hand, you left them which you know anything can happen. Is a NO for me.

happinessjonathan: I wouldn’t even bother remaining in the relationship. The guy has admitted that his mother is a busy body that is enough. The mother will keep assaulting me in the marriage.

ucci_n: You sound like a woman beater. So because your mother suffered for you she has every right to pick on another woman’s child? Are you saying this other woman doesn’t have a mom that has suffered for her or she won’t bear kids of her own to suffer for? mtcheew. You better marry your mom.

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Before long, the wife spoke up and gave her side of the story. She said the mother-in-law has always been out to get her. And the fact that the hubby doesn’t support her is enough to cause for her to leave the man and the relationship, for good.

The angry man wrote back saying, “So you can not be patient for just a few hours for me to clear my head and the next thing you are dropping my ring. Did I support my mum in my story, I even called my own mum a busy body and still you still dumped me.
Was I suppose to slap my mum to make you happy? If you say you won’t marry me again then who am I to force you, thank God we never married because you don’t even have the ability to endure a storm.”

Adding, “And folks my mum never liked her because she is a single mum with 2 kids from different men. I was trying to protect her in my post before she came out to write this nonsense. You are so lucky I did not slap you out of my compound, even with ur liability children you are still forming.”

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The comments section was fire as people went in on the man. HARD. Read some of the comments I have sampled…

cute_bisbol: Mom of two just dumped you like used tissue1f483 - Mummy’s boy runs away when wife and mum slap each other senseless1f483 - Mummy’s boy runs away when wife and mum slap each other senseless…and you here barking like a puppy…it’s what you told your mom about her that’s what she is acting on with her busy body.

itz_wamenzy: You are a fool…Who said a single mom is a liability? You sounded matured at first but you just showed your true colours… Kikiki you have been dumped deal with it.

osazlee: Bro, if you put your hands in a snakes pit, you do know you will get beaten. It’s wrong for a woman to slap a young lady and vice versa. The mother slapped the young girl, which is so very wrong no matter what. The girl only reacted in self-defence. That’s my view. The mother of the boy was so wrong to go hit someone else child, which I’m sure she won’t take if someone hits her own child.

onuh_paul: Damn!!! This is sad. I hope the lady in question doesn’t get depressed.

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