Back in 2011 when the whole Finger of God scandal was unravelling, Joseph Hellon texted the then fiance of Esther Arunga, Wilson Malaba with defamatory accusations.

Wilson sued Hellon.

The text message according to Hellon’s apology statement accused Wilson of “killing my child, wanting to sacrifice Esther through a road accident, having a wife and two kids in south B and many other details was widely circulated in the media last year, I have taken the task of apologizing to you and all Kenyans as a whole, and I have mentioned your name and the names of the others publically.”

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The apology from Hellon highlighted that “in the spirit of reconciliation, humility and deep regret that I now kindly ask you to withdraw the case you pressed against me in Kibera Law Courts last year, the case whose hearing has been in progress.

I will continue to use my public influence to correct the negative image my actions created against you and I will ensure that the source of all these problems is known, just as I have also revealed to the public in my many media conferences.”

Adding, “You are not a Free Mason nor a murderer! All such allegations came from a source that I have already exposed to Kenyans. I, therefore, as the leader of Finger of God Church absolve you from any blame and wrongdoing.”

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Read the rest of the letter dated January 30, 2011, and signed by Joseph Hellon.

Hellon letter - You are not a Free Mason! Read Hellon’s apology to Esther Arunga’s ex

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