Controversial ex-KBC presenter Elizabeth Irungu has taken a jibe at Esther Arunga.

Irungu, says she’s not sorry for Esther and what’s she’s going through now. She is the latest celebrity to share her views on why she isn’t supporting the lawyer.

This is after Ciku Muriruri called her a “problem”.

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Arunga will be sentenced today at an Australian court.

Read Elizabeth’s lengthy post about Esther and her husband Quincy Timberlake.

Former Kenyan TV host, the beautiful and very talented, Esther Arunga now faces up to 25 years in jail (in Australia where she resides) for being an accomplice to the murder of her own son. The case will be decided tomorrow. I SAY GOOD FOR HER! No mercy or pity at all coming from me, nop! Lock her up! She is either stupid, greedy or very naive (or all the above) Lock her up, serves her right.

Her poor little kid was under 5 years old (i think 3 years old) that’s the true victim here, the innocent one who my heart bleeds out for and not that Esther lady! When her husband Quincy allegedly punched that little boy in the stomach in her presence to “remove bad spirits and demons” from him, the little child fell to its death then Esther allegedly covered up for that psychotic, insane and sick man who many say had completely brainwashed her.’

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She continued;

You guys remember when they were still living in Kenya and had joined some cult-like church? 🤔

I say it is time we stop sympathizing with this Esther lady because truth is, as an adult you have choices! Nobody can brainwash you to the point you cover up for the murder of your own child!

Choices come with consequences, she joined that church willingly, got involved with those weird people willingly, quit a promising career in media and instead ran around the country on tv interviews like a madwoman with a head full of conspiracy theories that the freemason is controlling the media, that they want to kill her for exposing them and satan is after her soul and this and that and the other blah blah blah! Typical Illuminati talk.

That woman lost it and in my opinion, it was her choice! As a matter of fact, I honestly think she was GREEDY! She was following the finer things in life (check out Quincy’s old videos of being all flashy and talking big business, big bucks! Him and Hellon full of jewellery around their necks, bling bling talking of running for the presidency in Kenya smh! She saw material things and now she is paying for it) If anything her innocent child paid the ultimate price. His life. That is who I sympathize with. May he rest in eternal peace. 

As for Esther, may she be a lesson to us young women chasing vanity! You pay the price eventually 1f60f - ‘Stop sympathizing with Esther Arunga,’ shouts former KBC presenter

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