Media personality Kamene Goro has revealed that one of her biggest bedroom fetish’ is being bitten. According to the damsel, bites are a turn on.

Speaking during a session with Xtian Dela Kamene reveals

I like to be bitten

Lulu Diva and Jaguar spotted together after “affair” rumours

KAMENE GORO - ‘Cigarettes are my greatest addiction’ Shouts Kamene Goro
The curvy presenter spoke about various issues occurring in Kenya

Lulu Diva and Jaguar spotted together after “affair” rumours

Asked on what her current addiction is Kamene reveals

My current addiction is cigarettes.

Kamene went on to share that her worst bedroom experience was being given under 7 strokes.

‘People assume I have tiny fundamentals,’ cries Andrew Kibe

Kibe could not understand how that could happen to such a damsel.

Ati seven strokes? kwani are you a chicken or what?

There are no men who are like that. Such guys should be tied to a pole and whipped.

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