Hamah Nsubuga, a Ugandan living with HIV/AIDs is a darling to many, thanks to her brevity.

Hamah, is always using social media to create awareness about the disease and fighting stigma.

Hamah Nsubuga Hamah - ‘They see you as someone dying soon,’ HIV positive lady narrates

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The HIV positive woman says those living with the virus face stigma every day. She is campaigning for a stigma-free society, hoping time will come when no one will be discriminated upon for their status.


Taking to social media, she wrote,

Sometimes when I look at my pictures before I started to use ARVs and after starting and now it gives me strength. That’s why I always share, to give courage to some people who are still in denial.

It doesn’t mean if I share my life with you I’m less human. Sometimes I feel low, sometimes I feel like not taking my ARV’s, sometimes I wish I wasn’t positive and that is self-stigma. I fight it a lot to be me and be your strength.

But when I remember that I’m someone’s strength, I hold my courage and I wear my crown because my heart was made of Gold. I don’t fear stigma because I’m stronger than stigma, more powerful than HIV/ AIDs.

She continued,

Many people when they hear that someone is HIV positive they see you as someone dying soon, someone who is less human, who is not allowed to share, talk with them.

Many people have negative attitudes towards HIV.

Stigma can lead to people living with HIV to be insulted, be rejected, gossiped about and excluded from doing social activities.

This can lead to isolation and feeling unsupported, which can have a significant impact on health and well being. Stigma is real, people need to be sensitized about HIV to fight stigma.

Stigma leads to people not being treated with dignity and respect.

HIV positive people are not dangerous, they are normal humans who are living with the virus.

stigmatizing someone who is HIV positive remember the “H” in HIV stands for human which means anyone can get infected including you and always remember if you are not infected you are affected.

Be careful, Arv’s are not curable and stigma is a dangerous disease . always go for an HIV test.

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Nsubuga is among the brave people living with HIV/AIDs, who’re not afraid of sharing their personal experience.

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