A Kenyan girl is licking her wounds after being used and dumped by her lecturer after their clandestine affair ended in a pregnancy.

*Nelly says that when her lecturer approached her she felt like someone who had won a jackpot.

She could not understand how a man of such a high calibre could fall for a girl like her.

I was in my first year and the road was tough. I tried hard to fit in, I was never a clubbing person but I had to find a way to survive.

I met a lecturer who showed interest in me. After going back to the hostel I was like ‘Am I not lucky to be dating a lecturer?’

He would take me out and I was excited given that I was not using my own cash.

My classmates knew but I had to blackmail them so that they would not report me.

Nelly adds,

I went out on a date with him after he promised me good grades in class, enough pocket money and stuff.

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We had raw sex and I ended up pregnant after telling them he denied and cut all communication between us. Not even threats from my friends to expose him bore fruit.

Date - ‘My lecturer got me pregnant and then dumped me,’ cries city woman

Asked on what happened after that Nelly says she put together enough cash and terminated the pregnancy.

I learnt my lesson, I hustled and asked for cash from my parents for cash and procured an abortion. My parents never found out about it. I have learnt that you should not run before you learn how to walk.

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