When you think of former President Mwai Kibaki, one thing comes to mind…Politics.

Well, it seems after his two terms, the former President has decided to focus on his family. Who ever thought he has such handsome grandsons! Apparently, his grandsons have been driving city girls koo koo with their irresistible looks.

Did I mention his 3 granddaughters that might be attracting team mafisi anytime soon? They are drop dead gorgeous!

Meet Mwai Kibaki Jnr, The Handsome Young Man Kenyan Women Can’t Stop Talking About (PHOTOS)

But what attracted my eye was the fact that this Kibaki has been a good family man since way back. I came across a photo of him having fun at his grand-children’s birthday back in the day.

First of all let me introduce you to 2 celebrity grandsons of his, even though he has 7 grandchildren.

  1. Sean Andrew

He has made headlines for a while now after girls massively unapologetically attacked his social media with likes.

Sean Andrew 3 - Inside the life of a retired president

‘I Know I Deserve You,’ Kibaki’s Grandson Sends Special Message To Ex-Girlfriend Elodie After She Unveiled Her New Man (PHOTO)

2. Mwai Kibaki Junior

He is the laid back guy but that does not prevent Nairobi lasses from following him all the way to his social media.

18447489 1661546727487029 2651905745487234518 n 1 - Inside the life of a retired president

3. The rest of the grandchildren

mwai kibaki grandsons - Inside the life of a retired president
mwai kibaki sons 476x385 - Inside the life of a retired president

Here is a tbt of Kibaki at his grandchildren’s birthday;

mwai - Inside the life of a retired president


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