Willy Paul is out with another tremendous song dubbed Pili Pili. The song is a love ballad that according to Pozze is dedicated to all the ‘hungry’ lasses out there.

Well, Pozee has come out to explain the inspiration behind this song. He said in a past media interview with Larry Madowo.

“This song is all about time yenye msee anaoa then huyu dem anameet mtu wa range-Rover anaanza kukugeuka.”

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He went on to say how his message has touched people’s hearts;

“Wasee walikua wananitext wananiambia hii ngoma inani-speak-ia coz girlfiend yangu alitoa mimba yangu coz mfuko yangu haikua inatosha kule alikua anataka.”

He continued;

“Ni song niliandika juu ni stori ya mtu ni kitu watu wanapitia.”

Check out the song;

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