It’s not often that you find a man crying, but when he does, you best believe something must be wrong!

Many Kenyans have labeled men who break down in public as ‘cry babies’, and this also applies to Kenyan male celebrities, who have broken down in tears.

Here is a list of those who have shed tears in public;

1. Bahati

He started his career at a tender age and revealed a side of him that people don’t know. He first broke down during the 2015 Groove Awards where he scooped a couple of awards.

Here is the video

Just last week, Bahati cried at a live concert as he performed his latest song Barua Kwa Mama.

Here is the video;

2. King Kaka

When his song Senzenina was receiving the most attention, King Kaka held an interview with Larry Madowo where he broke down uncontrollably and was unable to sing the lyrics to the song.


3. Mike Sonko

Mike Sonko got really emotional when he was asked about his daughter Saumu Mbuvi. The controversial Senator broke down in tears, speaking about his love for his first-born daughter and how he even threw a huge birthday party for her. He caught many by surprise when he cried.

Courtesy of edaily



4. Deputy President Ruto

This is among the videos that went viral. The DP shed tears of joy at the alter of a church and his wife Rachel in the video can be seen comforting him.

This was not the only time as he also broke down again at a Thanksgiving ceremony after he and President Uhuru won the elections.

5. Jaguar

This is the most recent case as musician Charles Njagua aka Jaguar was seen crying in public after it was announced that he had ‘lost’ the party nominations. The One Centimetre hit maker was without a doubt a man in pain, but then justice was finally done.

SIASA MBAYA! After Crying Like A Baby, Jaguar Now Turns To The Lord For Help

6. Boniface Mwangi

He is one of the well-known activists in the country. He literally cried at a live interview with Larry Madowo.

7. Jimmy Gait

He shocked many when he attempted to cry on Live TV for being trolled by KOT, little did he know that he would be cyber bullied even more.

Here is the video;

Niokotwe! 25 Hilarious Memes That Caused Emotional Jimmy Gait To CRY On Live TV

8. Dennis Okari

Dennis cried at his wedding to fellow journalist Betty Kyalo. Sadly, the two did not last long with their marriage. They called it quits after six months

dennis okari - Male Celebrities Who’ve Cried On TV (VIDEOS)


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