DJ Shiti is one of the fastest-rising comedians in town and has warmed many people’s heart by his hilarious character.

Hold Up! Remember the hilarious parody video that went viral of DJ Shiti interviewing cry baby Jimmy Gait? Now, this is the guy.

The Real Househelp of Kawangware’s star, however, has had a tough past. One that has given him the energy to create a character that no other comedian has.

Steven Oduor Dede, Shiti’s real name, was raised in Mumias and on coming to Nairobi, the man was homeless…And yes, his family members who lived in Nairobi at that time, 2013, ditched him.

Meet The Most Talented Comedian DJ Shiti In Kenya

Having no other place to live, Shiti opted for Koinange street. This is where he interacted with some of the worst labelled people; “prostitutes”.

As he lay his carton on the street to rest, the girls were doing what they knew best…Business.

Talking to Jalango and Jeff, Shiti narrated:

“Nikiwa tao, watu walinisaidia ni wale dad zetu hapo Koinange street. Hapo ndio nilikuja kugundua pia hawafanyi ile kazi kwa kupenda, walikua wananiita bro.Naangalia huku na kule naeka carton hapo chini. Wakienda na watu huko kwa rooms wanawatoanisha na wanawaibia lakini wanakuja wananiambia bro, siku moja mambo itakua poa.We shika hii 50, shika hii 100 kunywa chai”

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He continued to say:

“Nilikua nakaa nao saa zingine tunapiga story.Ikafika point mmoja akanihurumia, akaniambia anataka nikakae na brother yake tasia.”

dj shiti 2 - DJ Shiti Narrates Encounter With Koinange Street Prostitutes

After that, Shiti made his breakthrough at Churchill Show and got some money from whence he started his own life in a bedsitter.

Shiti insists that comedian Jalang’o held onto him during his journey to comedy.

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