On 5th May 2017, Willis Raburu pulled a surprise on many fisilets after he walked down the aisle with the love of his life Mary Ngami.

This came a couple of year after a very public break-up with fellow Citizen TV reporter Sally Mbilu.

Almost 2 months down the line now, Raburu and his rib have been flaunting their lives on social media, letting fans know what they have been upto.

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The One Who Got Away! Meet The Woman Who Willis Raburu Was Supposed To Marry

Mpasho recently spotted Willis Raburu’s parents-in-law as they were having good moments together.

The truth of the matter is that they don’t loook a day older than 45, leave alone that they have grown up children… no, make that adult.

Check them out:


Screenshot 2017 07 18 21 56 081 - Meet Willis Raburu’s Parents-In-Law (PHOTOS)


Screenshot 2017 07 18 21 56 381 - Meet Willis Raburu’s Parents-In-Law (PHOTOS)

‘You won’t see me hanging out with celebrities,’ Anne Kiguta shouts

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