Mombasa based female artiste Nyota Ndogo has revealed that her worst fear before opening her hotel business was that the business would not succeed.

Nyota is however smiling all the way to the bank as she has gotten contracts with banks to supply them with breakfast.

She says,

I was very afraid when opening this hotel, I am very sure you saw that yourselves.

But from the first day we opened God gave us customers and all the food we had cooked got finished.

I was so excited especially after seeing that the adverts we had created had traveled so far. Nowadays, we even supply food on order.

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Nyota Ndogo added,

We have gotten two contracts from two banks to supply them with breakfast and lunch. What works for us is that what clients see on the adverts is exactly what they get.

Thank you so much my fans for giving me the motivation because I have seen the benefits of this job.

Apart from managing an eatery, Nyota Ndogo also has rental houses from which she receives rent every month.

She is also a performing artiste.


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