Nyama Choma 350x233 - ‘I will peel off your skin!’ Wife burns hubby for buying lover nyama choma

A man is recovering from severe burns at Kenyatta National Hospital after allegedly being scalded with hot water by his wife.

Neighbours said Anthony Musyoka, 36, was busted by his wife Mawea Mwangangi, 32, while enjoying “nyama choma” (roasted meat) with his lover at a joint in Makongeni estate, Thika.

Residents of Gosheni village said the couple fought on Saturday evening when Mawea demanded to know why her husband gave another woman a treat yet she and their four children were left hungry.

Neighbour Josephine Kanini said the couple used to threaten each other “with dire consequences”.

“Mawea said one day she would peel off her husband’s skin because he has been threatening to kill her. Probably this is what she meant,” Kanini said.

A neighbour said when Musyoka realised his wife knew his “little secret”, he gave her a thorough beating. Mawea was rescued by the neighbours.

“A fight broke out when Mawea asked her husband why he neglected his family and left his children without food. She asked why her husband can afford to keep buying roast meat for the other woman. The husband got angry and rained kicks and blows on her. We intervened and stopped the fight,” neighbour Josephine Kanini said.

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She said after separating the two, wife went back to a small hotel that she runs while her husband got into the house and slept.

“Later, at around midnight as I was closing my shop, I saw Mawea packing her belongings. I asked her where she was going and she said she was leaving the man since he could not provide for his family. I advised her to wait until morning,” Kanini said.

However, on Sunday morning neighbours were woken up as Musyoka wailed in pain. When they arrived at the couple’s home, they found Musyoka writhing in pain. He said he had been burnt.

“He was crying. The wife appeared unmoved. She said she had burnt her with hot water. Some neighbours took Musyoka to the hospital while others took Mawea to Makongeni police station,” Nyumba Kumi official Stephen Muli said.

He said when Musyoka was taken to Thika Level Five Hospital, he was referred to Kenyatta National Hospital because of the severe burns he had suffered.

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Neighbours said the couple had a habit of fighting every now and then. They also separated frequently and reconciled after patching up their differences.

“It seems the husband followed the wife. She recently moved here from Kiganjo estate after fighting with her husband and rented a house. In this village, it’s only from their house that we hear distress calls whenever they fight,” resident Milkah Wanjiru said.

Muli told residents to settle their disputes amicably. “Talk to village elders or church elders or go to the police station when there is a disagreement,” the Nyumba Kumi official said.

Thika West police commander Beatrice Kiraguri told the Star on the phone that Mawea appeared in court on Monday and was charged with inflicting bodily harm on her husband.

She said the couple’s children were taken to Macheo Children’s Home in Thika.

-The Star

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