wedo 339x250 - The rules every couple should follow when tying the knot

From drawing up an invite list to choosing the perfect menu, planning a wedding is no mean feat.

And while there will never be one blueprint that works for everyone, one wedding planner believes every couple should follow nine strict rules if they want their day to go smoothly.

Former transgender is getting married to a woman! And the wedding is just around the corner

1. Only invite someone to your engagement drinks and hen or stag do if you’re inviting them to the actual wedding.

2. Never include registry information on your invite; only include a website link. The experts maintain it’s not good etiquette to look like you’re requesting gifts

3.  Never use text message or social media to invite someone, nor should you thank guests for gifts via messaging.

4. Even if someone tells you they can’t make the wedding, you should still send them a wedding invite.

5. Always include the name of someone’s plus one on the invite. Never write ‘Martha plus one’ as it will make their guest feel unwelcome.

6. Always pay for postage on your guest’s RSVP return card by including a stamp.

7. Ensure you have sorted your marriage license months before your wedding day.

8. From the planner to the band, it’s essential to always feed your wedding vendors.

9. Always send a thoughtful, handwritten note to guests who’ve given you a gift

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