bit tedd 322x250 - Big Ted ‘How I Struggled to transform from 168 Kgs to a size 8 body’

Big Ted has lost 71 Kgs in his struggle to loose weight. Thomasa Kwaka-his real name- works for the president as an event MC.

Talking to Churchill on the comedian’s reality show, Ted says he tried all he could to loose weight.

“I was 168 now I’m 97 Kgs. I’ve tried to loose weight for a very long time. I’ve done every diet you could think of. I’ve done everything.”

“I had a big body, they’d call me biggy, its good but inside my heart I always wanted to do other things people do. I tried to go to the gym. I wanted to sleep without snoring.”

BBig Ted - Big Ted ‘How I Struggled to transform from 168 Kgs to a size 8 body’
Big Tedi before and after

He says he couldn’t shop for clothes but opted for tailor made wears that were way too expensive.

“One of the things that big people are not able to do is to shop. If they is a sale you are sure you won’t get your size. The only thing that doesn’t change is your foot size.The name Big wasn’t given to me because of the size of my body, its because of the size  of my wallet.”

Ted went for a gastric bypass surgery in a hospital in India which helped him get to his current weight but his ultimate goal is to get to 90Kgs.

“I can only do my thing and do the best that I can..I have a huge drive..see i was born with less..seen my folks hustle their way up..So I was always brought up like go get it..No matter what..Even if it means i delay my dreams for a know I did it.I am doing it..I gon keep on doing it.. I switched my whole grind up from doing just enough to doing more than enough..if you see me tripping just know i am just out here just doing my thing..trying chasing God ans chasing my dreams.”

bg teddd - Big Ted ‘How I Struggled to transform from 168 Kgs to a size 8 body’

Cardio lazima! Nazizi gives us the secrets to how she lost weight

You’ve probably heard people talk about this expensive. So what is it?

According to Google ‘Gastric bypass surgery refers to a surgical procedure in which the stomach is divided into a small upper pouch and a much larger lower “remnant” pouch and then the small intestine is rearranged to connect to both.’

Well, wanna loose weight but don’t have the money to do it like Big Ted? These four steps will guide you.

Four simple ways to kick-start weight loss

Incidental activity: If signing up to a gym is too daunting at this point, Kate recommends looking for daily opportunities to increase exercise. This can be as simple as taking the stairs at work, or getting off the bus or train one or two stops earlier

Intermittent fasting: Kate advocates for using the principles of the 5:2 diet for help the body to release fat stores. This diet means you consuming a “normal” number of calories five days a week and then, for two, non-consecutive days, eat just 25 per cent of your usual calorie intake

Portion sizes: Not only have plate sizes gone up, but people are eating more courses than in the past

Mindless snacking: People feel like they are supposed to snack several times a day when this goes against the science of letting the body have a break from food

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