lamba lolo  284x250 - SGR hostesses show Kenyans how to ‘Lamba Lolo’

A video going viral is showing five sexy SGR hostesses showing Kenyans the art of kulamba Lolo.

Their leader says:

“Wasichana Wangu, mnafanya nini?’

They reply

“Tunalamba Lolo”

Leaders says:

“Mnalamba Lolo aje hivyo?”

lamba lolo  - SGR hostesses show Kenyans how to ‘Lamba Lolo’
SGR Hostesses

‘Lamba lolo means licking nunu!’ Kenyans give their take on what the popular phrase means

The phrase, Lamba Lolo is said to have been coined by DJ Brownskin,

“Lamba lolo is more of a slogan, and as a DJ who uses the popular ‘pull up the tunes’ and ‘kama ngoma inabamba wapi nduru’ sound effects, I came up with ‘Lamba lila lolo as my own sound effect,” Brownskin exclusively told Mpasho.

Here is the video:

Beautiful hostesses teach you how to "lamba lolo"

Beautiful SGR hostesses decided to teach Kenyans how to "lamba lolo"! You have to click this!

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