diamond and tale 250x250 - Babu Tale ‘Why Diamond needs personal doctor’

Diamond Platnumz’ manager, Babu Tale, says that the only thing his artiste needs is a doctor. This was after a video went viral when Diamond was being interviewed that made his look like he was not feeling well.

Babu Tale explained that the singer is a focused artiste who overworks himself.

Tanzania, we are not professional, Diamond prepares his own clothes, styles himself and he directs everything in his music videos.

Tale went on to use the word ‘Overdose’ to describe how hardworking the singer is.

Diamond anaji-overdose. He needs his own doctor…We need somebody to help us, maybe a doctor.

Adding that;

If your time has reached for you to look for money, look for it. Opportunity never comes twice. 

babu tale2 - Babu Tale ‘Why Diamond needs personal doctor’

Babu Tale, Diamond Platnumz’s manager escapes jail by a whisker

The WCB president is currently promoting his Wasafi Festival project.

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