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Controversial Kenyan man Captain Kale has advised women not to be so fast in dumping men who do not support them financially when dating.

According to Kale, giving him a little time allows you to see what kind of a man he is.

Ladies, more so single ladies, be wise.

Some men are so stingy to girlfriends but very generous to wives.

Do not dump him because he is not giving you money when he is dating you, just wait until he is married to you to determine if he is stingy or not.

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Captain Kale

Besides, men have woken up. Of late women want to chew a man to the bone before he has married her and later dump the man.

Captain Kale, who is never shy to share his thoughts no matter how controversial, advises women to keep in mind that men have become smarter unlike years ago

Men are only investing on a woman he is so sure they have a future with, any other relationship they do not care whether you stay or leave.

‘It’s okay for women to have lungula to quench a dry spell’ Captain Kale says

Captain Kale went on to add

The worst are single mothers who during dating she wants a man to support the child as if he sired the child.

it is very wrong and that is putting your expectations too high. 

Before a man has married you, your finances are your responsibility.

A man is under no obligation whatsoever to pay your bills.

In conclusion, Kale advises women to be smart enough to get away if a man is too stingy

If he does, it is a bonus, if he does not, you can as well leave and seek for a sponsor.

But again, I agree, there are men who are stingy to their wives.

hey men, if you’re that kind of a man, shame on you, you’re not a man but a boy!

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