prostitutes 350x201 - Prostitute murders 2 daughters because they interfered with s@x life

The cousin of Louise Porton who killed her two children because they ‘intervened with her s@x life’ has told how the prostitute would viciously attack her family and steal from her grandmother.

The unnamed relative believes that Porton, 23, who will face at least 32 years behind bars, should face the death penalty for her heinous crimes.

‘She was quite an angry child, and it got worse when she was a teenager. She was always after money. Louise never apologised for anything’ the cousin told the Mirror.

Porton was violent towards her family from a young age, and even stole from her grandmother, the cousin added.

‘She was violent, she would try and hurt us without people seeing. When we went to our nan’s she’d never interact with anyone, she just used to stare’.

The relative, who asked not to be named as the family has already fallen victim to trolling, added she believes her cousin should face the death penalty over the crimes.

‘If you’re going to take an innocent person’s life, you should be prepared to give your life as well, and she’s taken two.

‘She’ll have a TV, she’ll be given food, and she shouldn’t have that. What do those poor girls get? If she comes out she’s only going to be in her 50s. It should be a life for a life.’

Porton of Rugby, Warwickshire, killed three-year-old Lexi Draper in January 2018.

Eighteen days later she strangled her youngest Scarlett Vaughan as the girls had ‘got in the way’ of her life as a s@x worker.

She was jailed for life with a minimum term of 32 years last week.

Her own mother Sharon has branded Porton a ‘monster’ and revealed she was ‘planning’ to kill her youngest child, reports the Sun.

Sharon said: ‘After Lexi died Louise said Scarlett will be next. It was threatening. She was already planning what she would do.’

Last week, Porton’s mother Sharon condemned her daughter, who was heard ‘laughing’ at a funeral parlour two days before Scarlett’s death, for being a ‘monster’.

Devastated grandmother Sharon said she would never forgive ‘evil’ daughter Porton and also hit out at social services for missing ‘clear warning signs’.

Sharon said: ‘Something snapped in her head. She became a monster, my wonderful little girl changed.

‘She’s not the happy loving girl I brought up. I no longer consider her my daughter.’

Sharon also blasted social services who failed to take up warnings from ‘multiple people’, questioning why there has yet to be an inquiry into the failings.

Text messages sent by the mother also revealed that on February 1 2018, the same date that she killed Scarlett, she was trying to get money out of a man called Patrick so she could take the toddler to the hospital.

Messages shared by the Mirror show that at 21.22 Porton wrote: ‘Any chance of putting 30 in my bank now for fuel to get my daughter scarlett to the hospital I will transfer it bak wednesday x’

She then sent seven more WhatsApp messages in just over a minute saying the little girl ‘was not well’ and saying that she was ‘not loosin another baby.’

At 21.24 a man called Patrick responded to the flurry of worrying texts telling Porton to ‘call the ambulance don’t waste any time hun xx’

It has also emerged that Porton attempted to sell her daughters’ brightly coloured clothing in the months after she killed them.

Porton posted a picture of several bin bags on the ‘Swap/sell/buy things in Rugby’ Facebook page, selling them for £20 and saying: ‘Can deliver’.

She said the bags contained clothes for girls aged 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months and 9-12 months, reported the Mirror.

The mother-of-two also posted a tribute to her daughters on Facebook eight months after the two little girls were killed.

Alongside heart and a padlock emoji she wrote: ‘Mommy’s angels taken from me too soon. You will never be forgotten. RIP.’

And days after her arrest last year she made another post on the social networking site using the hashtags ‘Smile’ and ‘f**k the haters as she changed her profile picture.

Porton, a part-time model, who offered men she met online nude photographs or s@x for cash, had tried to kill Lexi twice before succeeding in January 2018.

After the second attempt, she dialed 999 to report the child having a fit but paramedics arrived to find Lexi in a ‘deep state of unconsciousness’.

During that hospital admission, jurors in the four-week trial heard Porton sent one man a topless photo from a bathroom and agreed to participate in s@x acts during a photoshoot if the photographer paid cash into her bank account.

Prosecutor Oliver Saxby QC said during the same period, the mother also passed her number to a hospital security guard and went on to exchange 87 messages with him

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