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Pastor Robert Burale has confessed that despite being a party animal in his past life, he has never indulged in alcohol contrary to what many people believe.

Burale says that he is a music lover and most times he would just go to clubs for some good music.

I stopped clubbing in 2008 and even then I had never taken alcohol. I would sit down and play along to the music but when God saved me I left it all.

When they played Lingala I would be on the dance floor, when they played rhumba I would be on the dance floor nikizikwenda.

No man should ask a woman for lungula before they are married – Burale

Burale had in the past confessed to being addicted to strippers adding that he would frequent clubs just to feed his eyes something that left him broke.

During a live interview with his fans, Burale went on to advise men who go partying with young girls to do something constructive with their lives.

How am I supposed to face my daughter if I am out partying with 17 year old girls.

Imagine when you are dancing with a man almost the age of your father when you are dancing towards the left his pot belly is still trying to catch up.

If you are such a man drop those habits and do something constructive with your life.

You can even join a volunteering club and be visiting the sick in the hospital.

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