poko3 326x217 - 5 Things Kenyan Women Do That Make Men Brand Them Slay Queens

Dear women, we love you so much. You are the most treasured creatures in this world, and you deserve all honor and respect.

However, some of you do things that piss off people around you. For example, the things you young girls/teenagers do are very annoying, they define who you are and to some people, it shows that you are desperate even if it’s not the case.

Well, below are the five things that Kenyan women say or do that make men brand them, prostitutes or lethal slay queens.

1.”I Don’t Date Broke Men.”

This is a common line in every Kenyan ladies’ conversation.

Most of the women who use this phrase are the broke ones, who still depend on their parents who toil hard at a Muhindi’s shop so as to make ends meet for their families.

Excuse me b*tch, go out there get a job and start earning your money instead of waiting for that rich man who will never come.

Stop dreaming girls!

2.  Posing Half Naked In Photos

Whatever you update on social media tells more about you. No one is interested in your thick flesh, sagging boobs, stretch marks, and skeleton body. If you want to become famous, kindly contact Craigslist to help you please, we are tired of seeing nudes. Stop spoiling our children.

3. Sleeping With Random Men

By sleeping with many men doesn’t make you a superstar.

Our bodies are the temple of the Lord. Let’s respect our bodies ladies.

Men will easily brand you a “prostitute” whether you are doing it for fun or commercial purposes.

4. Asking Men For Money After Sleeping With Them

How do you start asking for money from a man you just met at a club barely 24 hours earlier?


Ladies who have such behaviors should stop. You are not a whore to ask for money from men after sleeping with them. Let him give you money out of his willingness, never ask.

5. What You Post On Social Media

“I’m horny!”

“I’m broke, Who is free we go out?”

“I’m bored, I need a man to keep me busy.”

These are the common social media status by attention seekers. What you write or post tells more about you as a person.

Remember Google never forgets, one-day such posts will surface online, and you will be ashamed of yourself.

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