Rongai Matatus 350x210 - Ukitaka Starehe Nunua Gari Yako! 5 Annoying Habits Of Kenyans In Matatus

Matatus are one of the cheapest and affordable modes of transportation for Kenyans. Most of us use them on a daily basis, but unfortunately, sometimes they attract people (commuters) who forget they are STILL in public.

The commuters we are forced to travel together with in the matatus tend to be annoying and do things that drive us up the wall.

Well, below are five most annoying habits of Kenyans in Matatus, read through and leave a comment:

1. Occupying a lot of space

If you know you are “fat” kindly pay for a double seat so that you can sit alone!

Some people have a certain behaviour of occupying a lot of space and spreading their legs in matatu without caring about those seated next to them.

Ukitaka starehe nunua gari yako, stop making other commuters uncomfortable!

2. Leaning on someone seated next to you

Matatus are not lodgings, please.

I can’t stand it when someone leans on me while in a matatu.

Some people forget that they are travelling in a PSV and end up sleeping and snoring loudly plus drooling.

If you can’t control yourself, please don’t sleep in a matatu.

I am not a pillow!

3. Talking loud

Nothing pisses me off as much as a person talking loud in a public transport vehicle.

If you are talking on the phone kindly speak in a low tone, but if you know can’t then wait until you alight.

None of us is interested in your conversations, please.

I think Matatu owners should put notices inside the vehicles warning passengers against using phones and whoever breaks the law, should be charged.

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